A Review On Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate ScamWealthy Affiliate Review. We have been hearing a lot of Wealthy Affiliate recently, and many people think that it is a big scam. However, the website has given ample opportunities to many of the users who have been interested in making money over the internet.

How Wealthy Affiliate Started

Wealthy Affiliate was initiated in 2005 by Carson and Kyle, two people who themselves succeeded in online marketing. They thus had an idea of developing an online university specifically for online marketers so that they can also make their dreams of earning an income online come true. This is a place where internet entrepreneurs can be inspired, learn, and network with each other so that they can move onto bigger things that they are passionate about.

The Creators

Carson and Kyle want nothing more than to help their members have an established platform where they can become successful and grow their online businesses. The best part is that they are always around, providing great marketing tips and advice to the community. Members can also message them any time and they are sure to get a reply from them. These guys have a tremendous amount of knowledge which they want to share with all the Wealthy Affiliate members.


Apart from the constant presence of Carson and Kyle on the platform, Wealthy Affiliate comes with numerous other benefits as well. These include:

An Active Community

Wealthy Affiliate brings to you an active community of users, including Carson and Kyle, who are always ready to offer help whenever needed. This means that you are never alone in your struggle to become a successful online marketer.


You will find all the tools that you need on the platform for absolutely no cost whatsoever. While these internet marketing tools will be new to newbies, users can slowly get used to them and implement them in their own projects.

Training Modules

The training modules on the platform provide step by step guides to become a pro in internet marketing. They are available to all users who can learn from them whenever they wish.

A Free And Easy Start

The website can be accessed completely free of cost and you can gain all the benefits from it without spending a dime. While the premium membership might cost you money, the basic one is completely free.

Free website Building And Hosting

Even if you are a free member, you get the opportunity to build two websites that come with free hosting and domain names.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

There is no such thing as a Wealthy Affiliate Scam. As you can see, the site is completely legitimate. You will also not find any spam or scam users on the website, since it is highly filtered to make sure that only the true internet marketers who are willing to learn and establish themselves well join in. This way, users get access to greater learning without being bothered in any way.

We hope this displayed an honest Wealthy Affiliate Review.

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