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Email Marketing Strategy – Maximizing Your Marketing Effectiveness

With so much competition on the internet for traffic, leads, customers, products, and more, an email marketing strategy is essential to successfully grow any business. There are so many email marketing strategies out there that can be overwhelming when finding the best one. You want your email marketing strategy to be easy to implement, efficient, yet highly targeted. How do you know which email marketing strategy to choose? Here are five killer email marketing strategy tips that can help you decide.

The first email marketing strategy tip is to break email marketing down into manageable parts. For example, if you’re a service company, breaking your digital marketing strategy down into different segments (such as leads, customers, clients, or digital products) will make it easier to follow. By breaking it down, you’ll avoid overwhelming yourself with the task of contacting everyone you can think of. Sending emails is an excellent way to promote any business, but creating specific segments for each segment will increase your campaign’s speed and efficiency.

Another effective marketing technique is incorporating social media into your email campaigns. Today, it’s almost impossible not to account on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, or Google+! By using these websites as your primary distribution sources, you can send out email promotions and track interested prospects’ responses. By keeping track of the responses and determining what worked and what didn’t, you can fine-tune your email marketing strategy.

Email list segmentation is crucial to email marketing success. List segmentation allows you to know who is interested in your emails. This allows you to personalize your emails based on the interests of your subscribers. The three right email list segmentation strategies are targeted content, responsive subscribers, and lead capture pages.

Targeted content refers to putting out content to your email marketing list specific to the kind of people you are trying to reach. For instance, if you are writing emails to families, you’ll want to focus on family-oriented topics. If you’re writing to a professional market, you’ll want to include information about current professional issues. Finally, if you’re writing to a younger crowd, you’ll want to use fun and entertaining email marketing tips and tricks. When targeting your audience, effective marketing hinges on segmentation.

Your subscriber database should always be segmented so that you know exactly who you are sending emails to. Send an email promoting a product update to 100 subscribers. You’ll know that you’re only addressing the people who have specifically requested the update. This keeps you from wasting time and effort, sending out emails to people who don’t want or need the updates. By segmenting your list, you can also know exactly what types of messages you should be sending out based on who your subscribers are.

Apart from segmenting your list, another highly effective digital marketing strategy for email marketing is to group your subscribers based on geography. There are several reasons why this can be a good strategy. First, by grouping your subscribers based on location, you can send email campaigns that are more targeted because the content is closer to the person it was intended for.

Also, sending emails to people in specific geographical areas or with individual profiles can result in higher conversion rates. There is a much greater chance that the recipient will open and read the email. Finally, grouping your subscribers geographically means that you can also send email campaigns that target audiences nearby, significantly increasing the chances that recipients will open and read the email.

Lastly, you can further segment your subscriber database by including other characteristics about your subscribers. One way to do this is by asking your subscribers to provide their email address so that you can send out multiple lists of related emails.

For instance, if you are offering a free e-book on gardening, you could ask that your recipients provide their email addresses if they wish to receive further information on gardening or if they want to order some plants from your gardening store.

This is one way to segment your lists based on location and other characteristics of the people who wish to receive your email updates. This can be a highly effective email marketing strategy for highly targeted market segments, resulting in an increased conversion rate level when it comes to selling products and services to your subscribers.

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