Can It Actually Produce Totally Free Leads?

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Are you having trouble getting leads for your business?

If you answer yes, then the Lead Skimmer is the solution for you.

The Lead Skimmer can get leads for you in two ways, the first is by promoting it directly as a business opportunity, and the second is by working with the system to generate quality sales and leads for your main business.

Now, does this make you want to know more about the software? Lucky for you, we can tell you how the Lead Skimmer can actually produce leads.

How Does Lead Skimmer Work?

First Step

Enroll under your sponsor at zero cost, browse the system, and start marketing your squeeze page.

Lead Skimmer Leads

Second Step

Once you receive your first lead, that lead will pass up to your sponsor, and so will the next one.

Third Step

The exciting part is that after your fourth lead, and every lead after that will be yours to keep.

Keep in mind that the fourth lead is also the start of your lead line.

The significant part is that you will get to keep the qualifying leads for every lead you own, which includes every person’s first three leads and onward.

What Are Some Information About The Premium Membership

There are two types of membership, the free and the premium one. If you signed up for the Lead Skimmer and decided to upgrade to the premium version, you will then be eligible to create lead lines. This means that you will never have to pass up any leads to your sponsor.

Upgrading is often an excellent incentive if you are extremely dedicated to marketing with the Lead Skimmer system. Even if you are just using the system to generate leads for your company, but there will always be people out there who love the software and will upgrade to a premium membership, so it would be horrible to lose out on those upgrades.

How Much Does it Cost to Upgrade?

There are two options for upgrading to premium membership.

The first option is the $44.95 payment.

The second option is a free bonus when you sign up for the sister company Global NPN director, which is $67 per month. The director level is the lowest form of membership that is required to obtain free package deals.

There is also one more level above the director, and any of these levels will help you get the bundle if you decided that a higher membership is required.

Even though signing up with Global NPN requires a monthly cost, but it can save you a lot of money in the future. Global NPN provides an impressive selection, such as hosting, autoresponders, ad tracking, coaching material, website building tools, and much more.

What Are The Two Ways to Upgrade?

If your referral pays a one time fee of $44.95, then you will get $25 of that purchase. Another option is that if your referral decides to enroll in the Global NPN at the director level for $67 per month, then you’ll get $40 of residual income every month.

What Are The Benefits of Upgrading?

Each leads gets past to you instantly becomes a personal referral, which indicates that you will receive a commission if each of the upgrades to a premium membership.

What is The Autoresponder Solution

The Lead Skimmer allows you to integrate with other packages, such as to Get Response and AWeber as well as Global NPN MailMarketer Pro. The bundle is free of charge at the director level.

Will The Lead Skimmer Provide Me With Free Leads?

The Lead Skimmer can significantly increase your opt-ins while intensifying your promotional efforts by leveraging your leads. This means that one lead can easily become hundreds of leads as you continuously pass up through the lead line. All of this can happen without purchasing a single thing; therefore, the answer is yes, Lead Skimmer can definitely produce free leads.

Take-Home Message

When it comes to Lead Skimmer, it’s all about working smart, not hard. You can make a very decent income by building it directly as a business or using it to create more sales for your company.

In fact, you may end up doubling your effort with its lead lines, therefore, generating three times the results with minimal effort.

So what are you waiting for? Make money with Lead Skimmer today!

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